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Recommendations for a really tough corded non-SDS drill please?

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by Captain Howdy, Dec 31, 2020 at 10:13 AM.

  1. 鸡巴粗大鸡巴粗大,先锋影音av资源种子先锋影音av资源种子 Captain Howdy

    Captain Howdy New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm after a corded drill (not SDS), after I burnt out my old Bosch PSB 680 RE. I wasn't too impressed with the longevity of the Bosch drill, I never used it heavily, and then on the one occasion that I did have to drill a load of deep holes into wood, it completely died on me after approx 50 holes. The Bosch drill was also my first keyless drill, and I found that drill bits would slip quite often, causing me to stop and tighten the chuck repeatedly. I dunno if this is a common feature of all keyless drills.

    I'm looking for a really tough drill that will last me a few years before packing up on me. I've currently got my eye on the Dewalt DWD024K-GB or one of the drills from the Bosch Professional GSB series.



    I'm not in the trades myself, but I do use a drill often enough for it to be able to handle heavy use. Must be corded and non-SDS. Budget is around £100, but can stretch if there's anything exceptional out there.

    Many thanks,
  2. FlyByNight

    FlyByNight New Member

    The BOSCH will be fine although as with most Hex percussion drills the impact will be a lot less than SDS and no rotary stop. However, Have a detailed look on the Bosch website at their Professional/Blue SDS range. Some of them are supplied with interchangeable chucks - so you then have both SDS and Hex. You may say you only want Hex now, but once you have tried SDS on some applications you will find it a massive improvement.

    I have one and switch chucks regularly, it take all of 5 seconds. SDS for most masonry, Hex for wood, Hex for core drilling, ...
  3. Tilt

    Tilt Active Member

    @Captain Howdy
    Yes, the Bosch blue should be a good bit better than the green
    If you drilled all the holes straight after each other the green one probably / possibly overheated???
  4. malkie129

    malkie129 Screwfix Select

    Probably not much help, as maybe not still available, but I have a Makita HP1620 which I have had for about 8 years. It has a 1/2 keyed chuck and has handled everything I have thrown at it. I have drilled steel, wood and brick work. Higher speed than my SDS and combi drill . It is supplied with a front hadle and depth stop and of course, never a flat battery when needed. I'm sure that there must be a newer model available.
  5. candoabitofmoststuff

    candoabitofmoststuff Screwfix Select

    I don't want to teach you to suck eggs, because you know what you want, but you say,
    On the assumption that this is mostly drilling into walls, why do you specify NOT SDS ?
    If you're mostly drilling into wood why do you specify corded??

    As someone who is a regular DIYer, (and I get the impression you are too??), a corded non SDS drill is the one thing I don't envisage ever using again.

    I bought a Makita cordeless combi drill over 10 years ago, (for about £100 if I recall correectly), that batteries are past their best but still hold charge long enough for them to be a practical tool for me.
    I also have a cheap Macalister corded SDS drill that I bought earlier this year for less than £50... might not be durable for a tradesman, but for a heavy DIY user it works just fine for me.
    (I was putting up lots of shelving in attic space and drilled about 120 holes, in brick, in about 2 hours and it didn't miss a beat or overheat)

    Good luck with whatever you choose,
  6. Captain Howdy

    Captain Howdy New Member

    First up, Happy New Year all!

    @FlyByNight Thanks for the Bosch Professional recommendation. I didn't know a chuck could be interchangeable, very useful to know.

    @Tilt Yes, that's more or less what I did, drilled a load of holes in succession. Drill noise became a bit high pitched, so I rested it for 30 mins, but when fired up again, it started to spark and smoke. Game over.

    @malkie129 Thanks, will check the DeWalt site to see what the newer version is.

    @candoabitofmoststuff I can do very basic DIY tasks, so will usually have a crack at something if it'll take no more than a day or so. I can't justify spending full whack on professional equipment, but I've learned the costly way that it's better to invest in decent kit in the first place, instead of struggling with inferior cheaper stuff (sorry if that makes me sound like a tool snob - it's just that I get my jobs done better, neater and quicker with my dewalt and makita stuff etc., so I look to stick with these brands).

    I actually have a Makita SDS drill, and it's wonderful - super powerful, I tend to use it to drill long holes through really tough concrete etc. I'd still like a corded non-SDS drill though because

    a) for some reason, I find it easier to control non-SDS drills, so I use these if I'm looking to do a really neat job. My SDS drill rips thru materials, so holes aren't drilled as neatly. Maybe I'm using it incorrectly, but I tend to use the SDS drill when I'm not too obsessed with the finish.

    b) I have a load of really useful drill bits that have a hex or rounded shank. I don't think these can be used in an SDS drill.

    At the risk of sounding daft, I wrecked my Bosch drill by drilling tonnes of really deep holes into tree stumps. I have around 8 tree stumps in my garden, which I'd like to remove in time for next Spring. Rather than get in a tree stump grinder, I read that you can rot out tree stumps by drilling holes into them and filling with epsom salt. I didn't wanna burn the stumps out by incineration, because all the stumps are near to a wooden fence shared with my neighbour. I got a fantastic Makita 450mm auger bit which just plunges straight through the wood, but I only managed to get through 2 stumps before burning out my drill.
  7. 鸡巴粗大鸡巴粗大,先锋影音av资源种子先锋影音av资源种子

    FlyByNight New Member

  8. Joe the Plumber

    Joe the Plumber Screwfix Select

    Don't discount Metabo corded drills. And that's from someone with 'Makita' written through him like a stick of rock!

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